Underwater Fishing Light
Underwater Fishing Light
Underwater Fishing Light

Underwater Fishing Light

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Portable Underwater LED Fishing Light is designed for fishing, with sturdy shell, durable with no breakage. The Portable Underwater LED Fishing Light is made of premium LED light beads, provides bright luminance with great effect on luring fish. It can be applied for many uses, aquarium, fish tank, pool, fishing boat.


How To Use Portable Underwater LED Fishing Light?

If your boat is moving or shaking from your fixed position, plankton or microorganisms are never going to gather around the light, and no fish will come for the bait. Silence is key.Hence, anchor your boat in such a way so that it will remain stationary, and does not swing or move much. But you don’t have to use a boat. Fishing off a jetty or from a lake edge is also a great way to use these underwater LED fishing lights. 

  • Perfect for boats, docks, and piers.
  • Attract prawns, squid, and fish to your favorite spot with these super bright led fishing lights.
  • Suitable for fishing both in fresh water and salt water, ice fishing.
  • 8-Sided LED Fishing Light enables 360-degree view.
  • 50,000 Hours of continuous use.
  • Portable, compact size for easy carrying and storage.

Two underwater fishing lights are better than one!

If possible always try to use two Portable Underwater LED Fishing Lights. Spacing these two lights with the distance of 3-4 feet can give you the perfect radius of light that could allow fisherman to do jigging and lure casting in the lit up zones.



Product Specifications:


  1. Fishing light size: 3 inch length x 1.2 inch diameter
  2. Cable length: 16.4 ft
  3. Light angle: 360 degrees full angle
  4. LED: 108pcs of 2835 LED with high brightness
  5. Work voltage: 12V DC
  6. Power: 15W
  7. Waterproof rate: IP68 complete waterproof


Package Includes:


  • 1 × Underwater Fishing Light
  • 1 × 16.4 ft Power Wire
  • 1 × Positive and Negative Clips
  • 1 × English User Guide