RaveLZR™ Laser Gloves
RaveLZR™ Laser Gloves

RaveLZR™ Laser Gloves

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  • BE UNIQUE – From now on you are the center of attention to every party, rave, festival or any other event you will attend with your breathtaking Laser Gloves!
  • PARTY LIKE NEVER BEFORE – Forget the parties without the gloves, your next parties will be on a whole other level. Your friends will be amazed!
  • TOP QUALITY – Each of the gloves is handmade from the best materials. Each glove gets our "Top Quality" badge before leaving the factory. It is packed in a shock absorbing premium hard box to prevent any damage.
  • TOP SERVICE – We provide a tracking number for each order made. It allows you to see the status of the shipment. We grant a personal treatment for every customer at our store and for every question sent to us by email we guarantee to reply within 24 hours!








  • Laser Gloves (Right Hand / Left Hand / Pair)
  • Rechargeable Battery
  • Wall DC Charger
  • 4 Beam Splitting Caps (For Each Glove)
  • Premium Hard Box


  • MULTICOLOR - you can order a red or green pair of gloves, or mix them and order one of each kind, red for left hand and green for right hand.
  • HIGH-POWERED LASERS - 4 High-Powered Lasers in each glove which creates sharp and amazingly looking beams, that will definitely make you the center of attention wherever you will be! 
  • MULTI BEAM SPLITTER - on each glove there are 4 Beam Splitting Caps (removable), which split the main laser beam to many laser beams and create a breathtaking laser exhibition.
  • ADJUSTABLE WRIST STRAP - to fit all hand sizes the glove are equipped with high quality adjustable strapwhich you can adjust for perfect fit and top comfort.
  • RECHARGEABLE BATTERIES - can be recharged using the wall charger (which is included as well)

    Featuring 8 high-power green lasers emitting from your fingertips, it’s like you’re engulfed in a green cyclone of light. The adjustable, removable beam splitting caps on each laser bend the light into countless beams, allowing you to manipulate over 100 points of light. Or, remove the caps and emit one high powered beam from each finger.
    The adjustable wrist strap included to fit any size hand. Two thumb-activated power buttons control these beasts which are conveniently located on the inside of each hand. One button controls all 4 laser beams.
    To charge, simply unplug the battery connector, attached to the DC charging port, and plug into any wall outlet. Each glove includes a charger for quick charging of both Laser Gloves at one time. 
    Note: To enhance battery life and prolong the lifetime of your laser diodes, we suggest using the lasers for 1-2 minutes at a time, then  making 10 seconds break. A single battery charge, of 2-3 hours, will keep the Lasers working for 1-2 hours.