Driving Anti Sleepy Alarm
Driving Anti Sleepy Alarm

Driving Anti Sleepy Alarm

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The Beep - Sleepy alarm is suitable for the men who need to be on full alert or care of their posture,
such as car driver, security guards, machine operator, students.Just switch on the on-off,
place it correctly behind ear. when your head nods forward in the degrees of 15 to 20 Centigrade ,
an electronic position sensor will emit a loud alarm to instantly wake you and your passengers.


The Beep - Sleepy alarm --electronic balance type anti doze alarm device, the wear on the driver's ears
a device using electronic balance principle, when the driver in the driving way may cause drowsiness,
head down tilt, the device will alarm, to wake up the driver alert, the occurrence of stimulate central nervous,
eliminate drowsiness. In order to avoid traffic, accidents.


Powerful alarm beep
Easily use and comfortably wear for a long time
Can hang on the key chain,easily carry


Name: Beep - Sleepy alarm
Color: Black
Material: plastic
Size: 7cm*5cm
Packing: blister cardboard.


1.When no using, please Set switch to OFF
2.Prevent from high temperature and humid environments for a long tme
3.The Beep - Sleepy alarm only gives a warning, if the driver still cannot stay
awake for a long time, please have a rest immediately.
4.The warehouse delivery the color randomly 

Package included:

1×Beep - Sleepy alarm